About Our Goal

About Hygiene Heroes

Our focus is teaching health through songs and games.

Over the last 2 years, a team of UC Berkeley students under Haas Professor David Levine have developed a curriculum to teach preventative health in underprivileged regions. In prototyping our materials, we learned the most effective way to change behavior is through interactive styles of learning, such as stories, games, and songs. We now work with students and faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as well as local experts from Asia, Africa, and South America to improve our materials.

The last two summers we piloted our lessons in Chennai, India. The children enjoyed our material and more importantly, adopted healthier habits. We have adapted our curriculum to incorporate the researchers' feedback and suggestions.

We have started preliminary development on other health topics, such as Respiratory Infections, and Malaria.

David Levine
Professor, Haas School of Business

Much of Dr. Levine’s research focuses on overcoming barriers to improving health in poor nations. This research has examined both how to increase demand for health-promoting goods such as safer cookstoves and water filters, and how to change health-related behaviors such as handwashing with soap.

Dr. William Riggs
Professor, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Dr. William Riggs is a professor of City Planning at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, award winning recording artist, and record producer. He teaches housing, transportation and economic analysis and his research specializes in encouraging sustainable behaviors. He is an expert in participatory planning.

Bhagyashree Ganesh

Bhagyashree Ganesh has an engineering degree and worked for SAP India before starting at Teach for India.

Padmapriya Govindarajan

Padmapriya Govindarajan is a third year Masters in Development Student at IIT Madras. Her dream is to be a children's author.

Julia Seiberling

Julia Seiberling is a second year Molecular and Cell Biology major at UC Berkeley. She serves as a project manager and chief editor of our initiative.

Melanie Cernak

Melanie Cernak has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She serves as an international liaison and specializes in game development.

Gautam Srikanth

Gautam Srikanth is a third year Economics major at UC Berkeley. For the past two summers he has overseen the implementation of our curriculum in the field.

Nimerta Sandhu

Nimerta Sandhu has her B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She has been on the project for three years and serves as a main project manager.

Aryapadmam C.

Aryapadmam C. is receiving her Integrated MA in Social Science with specialization in English studies from IIT Madras. She is fond of teaching. Post graduation, she wants to do research in English education. Her dream is to found her own school.

Stephen Harrell

Stephen Harrell is a second year Developmental Economics phD student at UC Berkeley. Stephen has been a huge asset to Dr. Levine's public health projects, particularly with his work on cookstoves in Uganda.

Sriram Kalathoor

Sriram Kalathoor is receiving his Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Madras and will be studying at Georgia Tech this fall. He is debating whether he wants to be a professor at Princeton or open his own kindergarten in India.