About Hygiene Heroes

We envision a world where children do not suffer from easily preventable diseases.

Since 2014, a team of UC Berkeley students under Haas Professor David Levine has developed a curriculum to teach preventative health in underprivileged regions. In prototyping our materials, we learned the most effective way to change behavior is through interactive styles of learning, such as stories, games, and songs. We now work with students and faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as well as local experts from Asia, Africa, and South America to improve our materials.

Over the last two summers, we piloted our lessons in Chennai, India. The children enjoyed our material and, more importantly, adopted healthier habits. We have adapted our curriculum to incorporate the researchers' feedback and suggestions.

We are currently developing resources on new health topics including COVID-19, Reproductive Health, and Mental Health. See our current projects on the curriculum page.

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