Providing health education for all

We are a team at the University of California, Berkeley that works with Professor David Levine. We design and test accessible, effective curricula about preventative health.

We envision a world where children do not suffer from easily preventable diseases. We aim to realize that goal through interactive, educational lessons designed. Our materials are based on current medical and public health knowledge and checked with health professionals and educators in each nation where we work.

All our materials are free to download and distribute.

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Teaching preventative health to a global audience

We offer free, trustworthy, health-related curricula for an international audience. Our materials cover COVID-19 prevention, handwashing, safe water, sanitation, dental hygiene, and preventing cold and flu and malaria. We continuously improve our curriculum and expand its scope.

For each topic, we create stories, games, and songs available in multiple translations and cultural contexts that help children learn and practice healthy habits.

We test our materials rigorously.

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